1st WOMCOM Residency: 24 August – 7 September 2023

Novi Sad, Serbia

From 24 August to 7 September 2023, Women Power in Comics hosted its first artist-in-residence programme in Novi Sad, Serbia, organised by the Students' Cultural Center Novi Sad (SKCNS). This residency was designed for comic artists and illustrators dedicated to empowering women through their art, challenging mainstream representations of women in comics, and fostering positive change in the South-Eastern European comic scene.

This first WOMCOM residency offered comic artists and illustrators a platform to engage with the local comic scene, connect with peers from neighbouring countries, and enhance their artistic practice while exploring themes related to the visibility, representation, and portrayal of women in comics.

Under the guidance of mentors Jana Adamović, a comic book author and illustrator, and Dragana Garić Jovičić, a curator and art historian, residents developed new ideas and created new works. They explored how graphic novels, comic strips, and illustrations can serve as mediums for personal and collective experiences and narratives, with a focus on a feminist perspective.

Following the residency, these artists participated in the first WOMCOM conference, titled "Image and Role of Women in Comics," hosted by SKCNS Fabrica from 7 to 8 September. The works produced during the residency were presented at a collective exhibition in SKCNS Fabrika, opening on the first day of the conference, Thursday 7 September. In addition, they were featured at the 17th Novi Sad Comic Book Weekend from 8 to 9 September at the same venue.