Jovana Vukovic (SRB)
Jovana Vukovic (RS) 

Jovana Vukovic, currently in her second year at the Art Academy in Novi Sad, is an aspiring artist with a penchant for comics. Her artistic journey began with scribbles and doodles during school, capturing everyday life from her own perspective. In high school, she found solace in writing her thoughts and feelings, eventually illustrating them and turning them into detailed comics. Recognizing her passion for art, by the end of high school, she dedicated herself to preparing an art portfolio for art academy exams. Her time at the art academy has been transformative, offering numerous opportunities. Recently, her comic "How to Survive Life Alive" earned recognition at the Drawing Biennial in Belgrade, and next year, she will have her solo gallery show as an award. Besides comics, she enjoys working with oil paints.

In her work, Vukovic explores the subconscious, translating it into tangible art. She combines traditional ink and pencil drawings with digital coloring to achieve meticulous details. Experimentation with perspectives and visual metaphors is central to her storytelling. She employs digital tools to refine her work, resulting in polished final pieces. As an artist, she aspires to create comics that resonate with readers, helping them navigate and process their emotions and thoughts from fresh perspectives.


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