Laura Érsek
Laura Érsek (HU)

Laura Érsek is currently doing her master's degree in animation at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Hungary. Her passion for comics began at a young age, thanks to her mother, a French teacher, who introduced her to Belgian and French animation and comic culture. While Laura had been an avid comic reader for years, she started working more seriously as a creator in the past two years.

As a creator, she explores themes related to death and growing up. She enjoys portraying her characters as animals, drawing inspiration from her childhood experiences of being surrounded by numerous animals at home, which her mother humorously describes it as "like living in a zoo.” Today, she has an eclectic hobby of collecting unusual vases and shares her home with two pet rats named Maximus and Elliot.

Érsek experiments with different forms and explores various ways of storytelling beyond traditional panelling. So far, she has published two short comics and a self-published work titled “How My Grandma Shot Her Captain Lover and Other Stories” (2023).

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