Lenke Lamm
Lenke Lamm (HU)

Lenke Lamm is a Budapest-based graphic designer, illustrator, and comic creator with a passion for crafting short stories and zines. She recently graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and now works as a freelance graphic designer.

In her artistic practice, she focuses on print media, using her design skills to explore the expressive potential of the comic, pushing its boundaries. For her, printed materials and books serve as dynamic objects and vessels for comics. Central to her work are themes of femininity and gender, which she uses comics for self-expression and to process personal traumas. Lamm enjoys every aspect of the comic creation process, from inception to print and binding.

She has contributed to different comic magazines and anthologies, participated in art fairs and comic festivals, and is an active member of the creative community, volunteering at comic-related events, such as improvisational draw concerts.


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