Helena Janečić (HR)

Helena Janečić pursued her passion for visual arts by studying painting at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, where she obtained her BA, and later at the Art Academy in Zagreb, where she earned her MA. Her artistic journey began during high school, where she began drawing comics for the school newspaper. While painting dominated her university studies, Helena always found herself drawn back to comics. Her work transcends various media and delves into contemporary queer discourse, with a focus on empowering female protagonists and exploring themes of confidence, self-awareness, and reimagined tradition. From large-scale paintings to graphic, comic-book-inspired drawings, Helena’s art probes into the representation of lesbian sexuality in visual media. Notably, her comic series featuring the superhero Horny Dyke challenges societal norms, while her paintings capture everyday moments, such as in the series “Country Girls,” which depicts the lives of two Slavonian women. Through her series “City Gals,” Helena continues to delve into the queer identity across different historical periods. Currently based in Zagreb, Croatia, Helena works as a freelance painter and comic book author, enriching the artistic landscape with her diverse and thought-provoking creations.