Dragana Radanović (RS)

Dragana Radanović, a Serbian comic book author and illustrator, has showcased her artwork in exhibitions across Serbia, Belgium, and France. She has a keen interest in literature exploring challenging themes, unconventional illustrated books, and graphic narratives depicting marginalized experiences worldwide. Currently serving as an assistant teacher at the LUCA School of Art in Brussels, Dragana aids students in crafting their graphic novels. Alongside her artistic pursuits, she is undertaking a doctorate, delving into the portrayal of childhood in comics and the transformative potential of comics-making as a cognitive process. Supported by the esteemed Research Foundation – Flanders, her comic research endeavors are on the cutting edge of scholarly inquiry. Committed to amplifying the visibility of emerging comic authors, Dragana co-founded “Comic-Aunties” (Stripotetke), an organization dedicated to championing women and young authors in the comic industry.