Ivana Pejak (RS)

Ivana Pejak is a filmmaker and multimedia artist from Novi Sad, Serbia. Since 2016, Pejak has been part of two collective photo exhibitions at the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and the InspirishiMe exhibition in Belgrade. In 2017, she joined the Adobe Rising Star program with nine other young photographers from around the world and held her first solo audiovisual exhibition, "Portraits."

Since 2019, Pejak has participated in three residency programs, including FilmLakers at the Lake Como Film Festival in Italy, the artist residency Robin K.U.D. in Zrenjanin, and the International Student Film Camp – Interaction in Požega.

Pejak completed her BA in Audiovisual and Dramatic Arts at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad in 2020. From 2021 to 2023, while finishing her MA in Film and TV Editing, she worked as a Teaching Associate in the same module at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad. Since 2020, she has worked as a film editor on several short documentaries, including "Delivery Stories" (21114 Film Fest, Audience Award), "Mother’s Milk," and the TV documentary "No Pardon!" (Merlinka Festival's Special Award, Balkan New Film Festival's Special Award). She has also edited short fiction films such as "Breathe," "Just Sometimes," "Day for Us," "Puf Puf," "Slumbering," "207km of Theatre on Bicycle," and the music video "Song to Siren."

During the day, Pejak works as a freelance film editor and videographer. At night, she sketches and draws. Currently, she is working on her short fiction film "Rose Garden" and a short comic "Lion’s Heart."