Aspasia Pepa (GR)

Under the name Asparagus plumosa, Aspasia Pepa has been creating zines since 2017 and made her first self-published comic books in June 2023.

As a member of artist communities in Thessaloniki and Athens, she has participated in international festivals (Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival, 1st and 2nd editions) and local and international zine and art book fairs (Athens Zine Fest 2017 and 2018, Athens Art Book Fair 2023, Tenderete Festival 2024, Comicdom Con 2024, and others).

Since 2019, she has also been organizing DIY zine workshops for teens and adults, especially for femininities, aiming to empower and provide an outlet for self-expression while keeping zine culture alive.

Recurring themes in her work include radical vulnerability, self-awareness, naturalism, body positivity, and communal and personal empowerment through a queer feminist lens. Her academic background in Ecology and City Planning inspires reflections on nature, climate change, gentrification, and more. She aims to create emotive works, with her comics often falling under the "slice of life" genre.